Mmmm … Pig Candy!

I stumbled on a link to “Bucky’s Barbecue & Bread” website and their post on “pig candy” (via the website “Tastespotting” … man, talk about food porn!). This is very much like my brown-sugar baked bacon, with the addition of ground, dried chilies. I do love the flavor of chipotle so I may have to {read more}

All About Food


I’ve had a few fun and interesting food adventures over the last few weeks, and I finally found a bit of time to blog about them now. First up was lunch with my coworkers at Sage to celebrate our friend and colleague Stephanie’s imminent move to Seattle (that’s our nutty group in the photo below, {read more}

Time to Start Shopping!

Since Christmas is almost here (and Hanukkah already is), some local St. Louis food bloggers recently put together their lists of the top 10 St. Louis holiday gifts for foodies. I’ve read through all the lists, and there are some fabulous gift ideas here, any of which I’d be happy to receive … hint, hint! {read more}

The Greatest Moments in Food History?

Waitrose, a supermarket/specialty food store chain with locations throughout England, Scotland, and Wales, recently published a list of “100 Greatest Moments in Food History“. While one thing quickly stands out as noticeably absent (the discovery of fermentation … come on … we need our beer and wine), I’m sure there are more. Thoughts?

Adventures in Real Estate

Been out of the loop for a bit as I was busy buying a new condo … yes, I’m about to be a homeowner! Won’t go into too many details yet as I still have so much to do before I move, but I wonder … will my neighbors love the smell of bacon eminating {read more}

A Delicate Balance Indeed

A group of friends and acquaintances recently purchased tickets for the inaugural season of The St. Louis Actors’ Studio and yesterday was our first show. We took in the matinee performance of Edward Albee’s A Delicate Balance, the story of a very wealthy, very dysfunctional family and their long-time friends. While I liked the play {read more}

Happy (Belated!) Halloween!

Better late than never, right? “I well remember my disgust whenever someone offered me a homemade brownie or, worst of all, an apple. Halloween is the high holy day of high fructose corn syrup. And if we can keep it to one or two such days, why not?” —Author Michael Pollan on Halloween treats Happy {read more}

KC Dining and The Fine Art of Pasta

I spent the weekend in Kansas City with my parents, my brother Scott, and his girlfriend Heather. What did we do? The same thing we always do … eat and shop … two of my favorite activities! On Friday night, we dined at Hash House a Go Go, self-described as “twisted farm food,” and boy, {read more}

Meatloaf and Cupcakes, Oh My!

The folks at Serious Eats have declared October 18th to be National Meatloaf Appreciation Day. In honor of this momentus occasion, I’d like to share my favorite meatloaf recipe with you (Cornbread Stuffed Meatloaf) … and yes, it has bacon in it … imagine that! It comes from Guy Fieri of Food Network fame … {read more}

Bacon and Sushi and Pirates, Oh My!

As if bacon and egg bandaids weren’t cool enough, I recently stumbled on the sushi bandaids from Archie McPhee. Wait, it gets better! As I poked around their site, I realized I could get bandaids decked out with almost any of my favorite things … pirates, monkeys with fezes, crime scenes … okay, crime scenes {read more}

Dine at Mangia

I had dinner at Mangia Italiano last night (okay, I had two appetizers … that counts as dinner, right?), and it was quite good. I eat at Mangia once a month because i-squared: The Young Friends Network of the International Institute holds their monthly membership meetings there (I serve on the board). I usually get {read more}

Fun Gifts for the Bacon Obsessed


My birthday is in 3 days … woo-hoo! Now, I don’t need presents from anyone … the love and support of my friends and family is more than enough to get me through this crazy little thing called life. Really, I mean that. However, if one were so inclined to buy me a little sumpin’ {read more}

Mark Morford Rocks!

I was recently introduced to the phenomenal writing stylings of Mark Morford, a columnist for the San Francisco Chronicle. I think this man and I may share one brain ‘cuz I totally agree with everything I’ve read so far … it’s as if he looked inside my head and put my thoughts on paper. My {read more}

Avast! It’s Talk Like A Pirate Day!

Avast, mateys, my third favorite day of the year is finally upon us … International Talk Like A Pirate Day! Practically a national holiday at my office, ITLAPD should be celebrated by all. As the incredibly witty Dave Barry once said, “Let’s make this into a grass-roots movement that sweeps the nation, like campaign-finance reform, {read more}

I Am Officially Obsessed with Bacon


Seeing as how this is my third post on bacon, I think it’s safe to say I’m obsessed. I love bacon, so much so that I want to order the “Bacon Exotic Candy Bar” from Vosges Haut-Chocolat. Their description reads, “Applewood smoked bacon + Alder smoked salt + deep milk chocolate” … need I say {read more}

Long Time, No Post

I’m getting back into the swing of things after the Maryland/DC vacay. Yes, the rumors are true…I went camping (albeit on a beach)! Pics from the trip (and from my recent foray to Florida) will be posted soon. In the meantime, here’s a few links for your web surfing pleasure: Cats in Sinks Kiss This {read more}

‘Nuff Said!


Check out this cute cartoon from Cat and Girl about the reason to get up in the morning. So true, so true. Want more awesome cartoons? Check out Cat and Girl … love it!

Zen and The Art of Good Food


About a month or so ago, I joined the St. Louis Dinner Club for a meal at Zen, a fairly new restaurant serving a combination of Thai and Japanese cuisine. Zen is located in a small, nondescript strip mall in Crestwood (9250 Watson Rd). While the ambience and location are a bit lacking, the food {read more}