Mmmm … Pig Candy!

I stumbled on a link to “Bucky’s Barbecue & Bread” website and their post on “pig candy” (via the website “Tastespotting” … man, talk about food porn!). This is very much like my brown-sugar baked bacon, with the addition of ground, dried chilies. I do love the flavor of chipotle so I may have to […]

All About Food

I’ve had a few fun and interesting food adventures over the last few weeks, and I finally found a bit of time to blog about them now. First up was lunch with my coworkers at Sage to celebrate our friend and colleague Stephanie’s imminent move to Seattle (that’s our nutty group in the photo below, […]

Time to Start Shopping!

Since Christmas is almost here (and Hanukkah already is), some local St. Louis food bloggers recently put together their lists of the top 10 St. Louis holiday gifts for foodies. I’ve read through all the lists, and there are some fabulous gift ideas here, any of which I’d be happy to receive … hint, hint! […]

The Greatest Moments in Food History?

Waitrose, a supermarket/specialty food store chain with locations throughout England, Scotland, and Wales, recently published a list of “100 Greatest Moments in Food History“. While one thing quickly stands out as noticeably absent (the discovery of fermentation … come on … we need our beer and wine), I’m sure there are more. Thoughts?

Adventures in Real Estate

Been out of the loop for a bit as I was busy buying a new condo … yes, I’m about to be a homeowner! Won’t go into too many details yet as I still have so much to do before I move, but I wonder … will my neighbors love the smell of bacon eminating […]

A Delicate Balance Indeed

A group of friends and acquaintances recently purchased tickets for the inaugural season of The St. Louis Actors’ Studio and yesterday was our first show. We took in the matinee performance of Edward Albee’s A Delicate Balance, the story of a very wealthy, very dysfunctional family and their long-time friends. While I liked the play […]