“Baconized Desserts” … The Next Big Trend?

Dorie Greenspan of In The Kitchen and On The Road with Dorie writes about the new trend of baconized desserts. While the concept of bacon desserts isn’t “new” (I saw a chef make bacon ice cream on Iron Chef America a few years ago), I think it is becoming more of a trend these days. {read more}

Is It Wrong That I Think These Are Adorable?

Biggie over at Lunch in a Box writes that deep-frying is the best way to make an “octodog.” While I’m not really a hot dog person (okay … I must cop to enjoying a kosher hot dog with mustard every time I’m at Busch Stadium), these are really cute … do you think I can {read more}

Fair Shares on KSDK

KSDK did a feature on Fair Shares this morning … click the link below to see the video: Fair Shares on KSDK