More Raw Milk, Please

I received an e-mail today from Margaret Neumann, the Legislative Assistant to Missouri State Representative Belinda Harris. In the e-mail, Ms Neumann writes, “Rep. Harris has House Bill 1901 dealing with raw milk. Last year the State Milk Board sent out letters to various raw milk producers stating they must become certified through the State {read more}

More News on Rising Food Prices

Here’s a great article from Keith Good at that summarizes much of the recent press about rising food prices around the world. Food Cost Issues Continue to Percolate

I Heart Anthony Bourdain

As evidenced by its listing in the “Current Obsessions” section of this blog (scroll down, and look to your right), I quite fancy No Reservations, Anthony Bourdain’s kick-ass show on The Travel Channel. Actually, I quite fancy Anthony Bourdain himself. For those of you who don’t know him, Bourdain is the “Chef-at-Large” of Brasserie Les {read more}

I Love Bacon and Eggs Too, But …

I love bacon. And I love eggs. I love them mixed together. I love them mixed together with veggies and cheese too. But … together like this? It’s wrong, right? Check out these “Bacon and Eggs” t-shirts and aprons from Individualitee, a very cool design company who has just managed to unnerve me a bit {read more}

Yo, Peeps!

If any of my coworkers are reading this blog, they’ve probably seen the year-old boxes of petrified Peeps in my office … and they may be aware of my nutty plans for said Peeps (don’t worry … pictures will be posted here). In the meantime, The Washington Post is hosting their first-ever Peeps Diorama Contest, {read more}


The i-Squared Dinner Club recently dined at Mango, a very lovely Peruvian restaurant in Shrewsbury (we missed you, Knuckles). Awaiting us on the table were “cancha & chifles.” Cancha are salty, fried corn kernels, and chifles are salty chips made from plantain. They were served with a very tasty creamy pesto and spinach dipping sauce. {read more}

What I’ll Be Having for St. Patrick’s Day Dinner

Via Serious Eats… Irish Ice Cream Soda(Makes 1 serving) Ingredients: 1 generous scoop of Ben & Jerry’s Dublin Mudslide ice cream 1 12-ounce bottle Guinness stout1/2 ounce Bailey’s Irish Cream liqueurChocolate shavings, for garnish Procedure: Spoon the ice cream into a pint glass. Pour in the beer, tilting the glass to reduce foaming. Drizzle with {read more}

I’ll Call Your Canned Bacon

I recall a recent post about canned bacon over at stlbites, which may or may not have been posted to trump the canned hamburger post over at Gut Check. Well Bill, I call your canned bacon and raise you … canned pancake batter: Doesn’t this take all the fun out of pancakes? Some of my {read more}

Rising Food Costs … What Can You Do?

A new article from the New York Times reports that grocery costs have increased 5.1% over the last year: “With a few exceptions, nearly every grocery category measured by the Labor Department, which compiles the official inflation numbers, has increased in the last year. Milk is up 17%, as are dried beans, peas, and lentils. {read more}

Convivial Pursuit

Join Slow Food St. Louis for Convivial Pursuit: A Friendly Game of Food Trivia! When: Saturday March 22 7-10 p.m. Where: Mad Art Gallery; 2727 S. 12th St., St. Louis, MO 63118 [Map It!] PRE-PURCHASE ONLY Admission is $20 per person for tables of 8-10 players. The fee includes Schlafly Beer, wine, soda, and water. {read more}

Happy Pi Day

Today, March 14th, is Pi Day … you know … 3.14159265. Now, when I hear “pi,” I don’t think of the symbol for the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter. I think of pie … mmm, pie. Alanna Kellogg over at A Veggie Venture has put together a list of pie recipes from {read more}

Doin’ It Jersey Style

Some friends and I recently dined at Feraro’s Jersey Style Pizza in Soulard. I wasn’t familiar with “Jersey-style” pizza, but according to Feraro’s website, it means “crust a notch thicker and sauce slightly sweeter” than New York-style. Regardless of what “Jersey-style” is supposed to be, I loved this pizza. We ordered four different pizzas, but {read more}

Bacon Craziness Continued

As if a “meat ship” wasn’t a complete waste of good meat, check out this “meat house,” featuring a bacon roof. Seriously folks … why? In other bacon news, Lollyphile now brings us Maple-Bacon Lollipops … hey, at least it’s made from sustainable, organic, cured bacon. Since I’m not too hip on maple, I doubt {read more}

Buying Local Meat … Just Do It!

I stumbled on this article from Deborah Madison, a renowned cookbook author and local-food advocate, about buying local meat. It’s a great article, and she’s right … locally grown meat is more flavorful, humanely raised, traceable, and safe to eat. At the farmers’ markets here is St. Louis, we have access to grass-fed beef, lamb, {read more}

Roasted Peppers, Risotto, and Marjolaine

A group of friends and I ended up at Atlas for a late dinner last night, and it was a wonderful experience. Located on a quiet, tree-lined section of Pershing Avenue near Forest Park, Atlas’ stated objective is to serve “simple yet sophisticated fare at reasonable prices,” and that they do. This small (the restaurant {read more}


…seriously? According to the Pickle Sickle website, “If you are a gastrointestinal extremist, then this mouthwatering, temperature lowering, tongue curling treat is for you.” I’m not really sure what to think about this “treat” right now, but apparently Emeril Lagasse likes ’em.

Beer Cheese Cupcakes Good

As promised, I made the Cupcake Project’s Beer Cheese Cupcakes with Bacon Cheddar Cream Cheese Frosting on Saturday (my beer of choice was Schlafly Oatmeal Stout). How were they, you ask? Amazing. The oatmeal stout cupcake was dense (but not too heavy), moist, and reminiscent of a brown sugar cake I once had. The sweet {read more}