Two More Days ‘Til Fair Shares Begins

Two more days ’til fresh, locally-grown food… …I guess I better charge the camera battery now!

30 Days to a Greener, Healthier Diet

Earth Day is tomorrow, and many folks may be wondering how they can “green” their diet. The Daily Green has compiled 30 days worth of tips and tidbits to help you do just that: Organic Foods and More: 30 Days to a Greener, Healthy Diet It may take you more than 4 weeks to change […]

Happy Passover!

Passover, the annual Jewish holiday that celebrates the exodus of the Jews from Egypt and their freedom from slavery, begins tomorrow, and so I offer up the following YouTube video: The Gefilte Fish Chronicles [youtube=] Enjoy it, then go make some “Kosher for Passover Chocolate Cupcakes” from Stef at Cupcake Project. I was lucky enough […]

The Rising Food Price Thread Continues …

In today’s “Morning Brew,” Ian Froeb over at Gut Check posted a link to a New York Times article about the effects of rising food prices in poor countries (Across Globe, Empty Bellies Bring Rising Anger). Want to read more on this issue? Here’s a compilation of links to whet your appetite … hmm … […]

Sicilian Empanadas with Marshmallow Peep Foam … Yummy!

On last weekend’s Saturday Night Live, guest host (and Kimberly fave!) Christopher Walken and the SNL gang poked fun at one of my current obsessions, Top Chef. The skit featured Fred Armisen as “Wylie DelMario,” (an obvious impersonation of Wylie Dufresne … well, obvious to Top Chef and/or molecular gastronomy fans), a faux-hawk joke, and […]

King Corn on PBS

For all you who missed one of the local showings of King Corn, beginning April 15th, PBS will show the movie as part of its Independent Lens series. I checked their website for local viewing times, and you can catch the movie on Sunday, April 20th at 10:00pm. Tune in, watch the movie, and then […]