Good Eats

No … not the TV show hosted by Alton Brown … I’m talking about the dinner I had last Friday night with my friends Jonathan and Stefani. The menu consisted of lamb ragout, polenta, bok choy, and a special dessert we had all been waiting months for (more on that later in the post). I {read more}

To Market, To Market

In between Fair Shares weeks, I like to hit the farmers’ markets around town. Okay … even when it is my Fair Shares week, I still like going to the farmers’ markets … I know many of the farmers and enjoying talking to them about how their growing season is going … and it’s always {read more}

Ah … The Life of a Cow

I just read an article on about cows that lounge on waterbeds and “watch” flat-screen TVs … the article purports that the cows are happier and thus milk production increases. I don’t know if the cows from American Grass Fed Beef (Doniphan, MO) are given such luxuries, but I’m sure that being allowed to {read more}

I Do Love Cheese …

… but I’m not sure I’d roll down a hill to get it. Apparently, this year’s “Cheese Rolling in Gloucestershire” winner had to be carried off in a neck brace and given oxygen after the event … yikes.

No Sex ‘Til Kitchen?

Jamie Oliver, author and host of The Naked Chef and Jamie At Home, recently told The Sunday Times that, “Men are driven by sex … so the best way for women to get their men into the kitchen would be to stop having sex with them until they start to cook.” Umm … gentleman readers {read more}

Eating in Season

Eating locally usually means eating seasonally. By eating local foods that are in season in your area, you eliminate damage to the environment caused by shipping foods thousands of miles, your food dollar goes directly to the farmer, and you reap the health benefits of eating fresh, unprocessed fruits and vegetables. Oh yeah … local, {read more}

Keeping It Kosher

An article in today’s St. Louis Post-Dispatch talks about the growing interest in Kosher food—from Jews and non-Jews alike—in particular because many feel Kosher food is safer than food that must only pass US government standards. I don’t know if Kosher food is necessarily safer, but the extra inspection can’t hurt … and the “Matzo {read more}

Happy Memorial Day!

While my family and I celebrated Memorial Day yesterday (with a barbecue that featured tasty pork steaks from Hinkebein Hills Farm (Cape Girardeau, MO) and Schlafly’s Sticky Toffee Pudding (St. Louis, MO) from my recent Fair Shares share), I offer up an article from The Daily Green to help green your three-day weekend … it {read more}

Asian Street Food in the CWE

The second (and belated) installment of “Kimberly’s St. Louis Restaurant Round Up” finds Asian street food taking center stage in the Central West End … Asian Street Food in the CWE After a recent bread tasting at Companion Bakery in the CWE (hosted by Slow Food St. Louis), some friends and I found ourselves at {read more}

Chocolate for Breakfast?

Today begins a long holiday weekend for me, and I thought I’d start it off with a bang … which means actually making breakfast! I grabbed two San Luis tortillas (St. Louis, MO) from my last Fair Shares share (they were patiently waiting in my freezer) and thawed them in the microwave for a few {read more}

My Third Share!

What’s in the pic above? Herbs En Route Garlic Chives and Watercress (Farmington, MO)Ozark Forest Mushroom Mix (Big Springs, MO)Hinkebein Hills Farm Ground Pork (Cape Girardeau, MO)Pilgrim’s Acres Eggs (Foristell, MO)Kuva Coffee (St. Louis, MO)Companion Bakery Farm Bread (St. Louis, MO)Heartland Creamery Fresh Chevre (Newark, MO)Mound City Shelled Nut Co. Raw Almonds (St. Louis, MO)Esther’s {read more}

Fair Shares is Full!

I am pleased to report that all Fair Shares membership shares are now filled! Congrats, Sara and Jaime!

Hmm … Do I See A Taco Theme Emerging?

Well, I do have a lot of tortillas on hand! To use up some of the perishable items from my second Fair Shares share (herbs, eggs, and cheese), I grabbed a couple of San Luis flour tortillas (St. Louis, MO) from my first share (they freeze well!) along with some chorizo sausage I got from {read more}

Michael Pollan on Nightline

A recent episode of Nightline featured Michael Pollan talking about the “twelve commandments for serious eaters” from his new book, In Defense of Food: An Eater’s Manifesto: Of course, most of these “commandments” are open to personal interpretation, and as such, a lot of folks on numerous message boards have gotten extremely nit-picky with them. {read more}

Good News for Polar Bears Everywhere

Today, Secretary of the Interior Dirk Kempthorne announced that the polar bear will be protected under the Endangered Species Act as a threatened species because of the threat of decreasing sea ice habitat caused by climate change. [Photo from the US Fish and Wildlife Service]The full press release can be found here. All I can {read more}

My Second Share!

Okay, okay … I know I must get better about this blogging thing. Don’t worry … I’ve got a plan of action so you’ll be seeing more posts starting … now! I received my second share from Fair Shares last Wednesday, which included: Herbs En Route Herb Bouquet (Farmington, MO)Brick City Gardens Red Leaf Lettuce {read more}

Revival of the Fittest

I’ve been dining out a lot lately, but have yet to blog about any of it …. I’m hoping I can use “numerous food comas” as an excuse. But regardless of the reason, I’m slowly getting to it. So, here for your reading pleasure is the first installment of “Kimberly’s St. Louis Restaurant Round Up” {read more}