Secretary Pollan?

“We citizens of The United States of America request the appointment of Michael Pollan to the Office of Secretary of Agriculture of the United States of America. Through his academic lectures and papers, published books, and articles, Mr. Pollan has proven capable of gathering wide-ranging research, organizing it into a coherent whole, and reaching non-biased {read more}

Mackerel, Anyone?

It appears that the world’s fish populations are crumbling as many fisheries are now falling apart. Mark Bittman gives us the 411 in a recent article in the International Herald Tribune. In it he states that, “One study, in 2006, concluded that if current fishing practices continue, the world’s major commercial stocks will collapse by {read more}

Eat Here St. Louis

“My restaurant career has been characterized by catching a couple of waves before the right time.”—Andy Ayers In an article published on this morning, Andy Ayers, former owner of Riddles Penultimate Café & Wine Bar and current founder and owner of Eat Here St. Louis, talks about his restaurant career and love of local {read more}

My Latest Share

What do you know? I posted on time this week! Herbs en Route Parsley (Farmington, MO)Biver Farm Arugula, Lettuce Mix, and Japanese Turnips (Edwardsville, Il)Blue Heron Orchard Apple Mix (Canton, MO)Lee Farms Acorn Squash and Sweet Potatoes (Truxton, MO)American Grassfed Beef Ground Beef (Doniphan, MO)Heartland Creamery Legacy Cheese (Newark, MO)River Hills Poultry Alliance Eggs (Silex, {read more}

I Heart Chuck (or Long Time, No Post #2)

So, here comes another one of those “sorry I haven’t posted in a while” posts … Why no posts of late you ask? Well, I normally don’t get too personal on this blog, but in a nutshell … I have a new job, which I have to spend a lot of time doing, and I {read more}

My Latest Share

A week late in posting, but better late than never, right? Biver Farms Arugula, Lettuce Mix, and Radishes (Edwardsville, IL)Yellow Wood Farms Carrots (Hermann, MO)Ivan’s Farm Red Roasting Peppers (Dittmer, MO)Herbs en Route Oregano (Farmington, MO)Pilgrims’ Acres Chicken (Foristell, MO)Heartland Creamery “Methuselah” Cheese (Newark, MO)Mangia Italiano Whole Wheat Cresta Rigate (St. Louis, MO)Black Bear Bakery {read more}

Mmm … Free Chocolate

Back in February, I got to meet Alan McClure of Patric Chocolate and taste his amazing local chocolate wares. Alan is now offering an amazing coupon to readers of Food Interviews, a blog by local St. Louis blogger Stefani Pollack (check out her interview with Alan), and she’d like to pass that on to you. {read more}

Winter Farmers’ Markets in St. Louis

Do you miss the summer farmers’ markets already? Never fear, the winter markets are here! Both the Maplewood Farmers’ Market and the St. Louis Community Farmer’s Market (Tower Grove) are back with winter markets. Each market will be open one Saturday per month from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM. Here are the details for each {read more}

Happy Election Day!

Now, get out and vote! Who cares if the lines are long? Get out and vote! In the immortal words of Nike … Just. Do. It. Really, get out and vote! You’ll be happy you did. Trust me. Go vote now!

From Salt to Mayonnaise

First, there was Bacon Salt. Now, there’s Baconnaise. Yep, bacon mayonnaise. You knew it had to happen sooner or later.