And The List Goes On …

So, my “real job” is in the medical publishing industry, and because of this, I subscribe to a zillion healthcare-related newsletters to stay abreast of what’s going on in medicine … and I’ve been inundated with all of the peanut-related recall notices that flood my inbox each day. On January 12th, the FDA, the CDC, […]

Old Jews Telling Jokes

Hey, don’t look at me … I didn’t name the website. Check out this new website … Old Jews Telling Jokes … pretty funny stuff. There are only three rules: the joke-tellers have to be Jewish, they have to be at least sixty years old, and they have to tell their favorite joke—”the one that […]

Winter Farmers’ Market Secrets

There’s still a few months to go before our local farmers’ markets are up and running each week. What do with your goodies from the winter markets around town? Check out this great slide show from The Daily Green that take the mystery out of seasonal eating with a profile of delicious, nutritious winter veggies […]

You’re Doing It All Wrong

Stumbled on a series at Chow—You’re Doing It All Wrong—which offers up constructive critcism to ensure that we’re all doing it right. Doing what right, you ask? How to tap a keg, how to sauce pasta, and how to cook bacon are just a few of the things we may need a bit of help […]

My Latest Share

I was a bit under the weather yesterday, so I stopped by the Fair Shares headquarters to pick up my latest share today: Claverach Farm and Vineyard Pea Shoots (Eureka, MO)Ozark Forest Mushrooms Mushroom Mix (Big Springs, MO)Lee’s Farm Sweet Potatoes (Truxton, MO)Hilty’s Bee Yards Pickled Beets (Bowling Green, MO)Blue Heron Orchard Garlic (Canton, MO)Prairie […]

No Decaf For You!

In an effort to save money, Starbucks announced that it will stop brewing decaffeinated coffee after noon each day. Apparently, decaf isn’t so popular in the afternoon: “For many of our stores, the demand for decaf is greatly reduced in the afternoon,” the company said in a statement. Alas, don’t worry, lovers of the decaf […]