Lettuce From the Garden, With Worms

“Growing up on a farm near Yamhill, Ore., I quickly learned to appreciate the difference between fresh, home-grown foods and the commercial versions in the supermarket. Store-bought lettuce was always lush, green and pristine, and thus vastly preferable to lettuce from my Mom’s vegetable garden (organic before we called it that). Her lettuce kept me […]

Chewing the Fat: Batali and Bourdain

Please to enjoy:

The First Lady of Food


Three for Thursday: Salatin, Rooftop Gardens, and Help for the Cause from the AMA

“If you just looked inside the USDA, you would find tremendous support for local food,” said Senator Mark Udall to me yesterday, June 17. I responded: “I have looked, and it’s not a pretty picture…” then somebody cut off my microphone and that was the end.” — Joel Salatin blogs about his visit to Washington […]

500 Things to Eat Before It’s Too Late

At a time when big restaurant chains seem more ubiquitous than ever, “Roadfood” authors Jane and Michael Stern continue to focus on the quirky all-American food haunts. In their latest guide, “500 Things to Eat Before It’s Too Late,” their advice ranges from the best hot fried chicken (Keaton’s Barbecue in Cleveland, NC) to whoopee […]

Chipotle Seeks New Model for Quality Fast Food

“On Joel Salatin’s farm in north-central Virginia, it’s a pig’s life. Free of the concrete sties and steel pens used in most large hog operations, Salatin’s swine spend their days roaming lazily through a leafy green forest, foraging for food, maybe stopping every once in a while for a good scratch on a tree trunk. […]