Red Velvet Babycakes with Winter White Glaze

Red Velvet Babycakes

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. I know this because my husband, the professional chef, is planning a special Valentine’s Day menu for the patrons of Persimmon Woods Golf Club. Lucky for me, this special dinner is the Saturday before Valentine’s Day so I actually get to spend “the holiday” with my hubby this […]

What Can You Do When Voting with Your Fork Isn’t Enough?

It’s no secret that I’m a strong proponent of eating locally & sustainably. So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that from time to time, I use this blog as a platform to talk about issues that are important to me. The US Farm Bill is one of those issues. The “Food, Conservation, and Energy […]

A Taste of The South: Sweet Potato Biscuits and Honey Butter


Christmas Eve was a bit different for my family this year. Instead of my mom hosting (and making most of the food), we decided to go to my brother and sister-in-law’s house instead … and they, along with my husband and I, would do all the cooking. Umm, how did that happen exactly? I’m happy […]

America’s 50 Most Powerful People in Food, Including You

“In the food world, the people with power are the ones who affect what and how and where and why we eat — or who can, if they want to. They’re the agribusiness moguls who decide what gets grown and how it gets harvested and sold; the representatives of major food processing, distribution concerns, and […]

The Daring Cooks January 2011 Challenge: Confit and Cassoulet


As each new year rolls around, millions of people make resolutions, among the most popular being to lose weight, get fit, stop smoking, or get out of debt. So, just how many of these people really stick to their resolutions? I’ve read that the number hovers around 20% … and with odds like that, well, […]

A Look Back: My Favorite Restaurant Meals of 2010


Umm, it’s 2011. When did that happen? Yes, yes, I know it officially became 2011 one week ago, but I’m always amazed when another year goes by. They seem to go quicker and quicker every year … or perhaps I’m just feeling that way because I’m turning “The Big Four O” this year. Oh poo, […]