Happy Thanksgiving!

“That’s the day people celebrate food by eating as much of it as possible. Yes! That’s the day they try to eat every turkey, pumpkin, and cranberry on the face of the earth. It’s a tradition. And you know how I LOVE tradition!”

~ Garfield The Cat, describing Thanksgiving

Ah, Thanksgiving … my favorite holiday of the year! Seriously, a day full of nothing but food, family, and friends … what could be better than that?

In keeping with our Thanksgiving traditions, The Chef and I are heading to my aunt’s for a lovely Thanksgiving lunch, then it’s off to his sister’s house for Thanksgiving dinner. We’re both thankful that we have two wonderful families to celebrate Thanksgiving with … and I’m incredibly thankful that I have The Chef in my life. My kitchen adventures would be no where near as fun without him!

So, in the spirit of doing nothing but eating, drinking, and hanging out with those we love the most today, I don’t have a recipe for you, but I’m not leaving you empty-handed. Here is my one of my favorite Thanksgiving shows, in which a very fat, hungry cat tackles the Thanksgiving holiday with those he loves the most.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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  • The Café Sucré Farine

    Hello Kimberly! Happy Thanksgiving weekend to you! Hope you recovered from your two! Thanksgiving meals! I totally agree with you – I am so thankful for my husband – a good man is worth more than a pot of gold! 

    • Anonymous

      Yes, indeed they are! Happy Thanksgiving!