Crushing On It: The March Edition

So, last month, I decided to share some of the things I’d been crushing on with you because, well, I like to share. Sharing is good. Bert and Ernie say so.

I also tend to crush on things a lot, so guess what? I’m sharing some more awesome things with you now. What can I say … I like pretty things! And delicious things too!

So, what have I been crushing on this month?

FamilyStyle Food

{1} First up, my fellow St. Louis food blogger Karen from FamilyStyle Food. She can cook. Really well. And she can take pictures really well too. Two of her latest gorgeous sounding — and gorgeous looking — creations? Midnight pasta, pecorino, and olio santo and Italian cherry doughnuts. Seriously, how amazing do those look and sound? I’m salivating, people … salivating!

            Tale of the Table from Anthropologie on Vimeo.

{2} Next up, it’s all things Anthropologie with their “Tale of the Table” video. Like I said, I like pretty things, and there isn’t a plate, bowl, cup, or spoon in this video that isn’t short of fabulous. I want it all (and pretty much everything else at Anthropologie too).

Mission Taco Joint

{3} In St. Louis and looking for some amazing eats? Look no further than the newly-opened Mission Taco Joint (6235 Delmar Blvd, 63130).

Featuring “California-inspired Mexican street food, craft cocktails, and craft beer,” Mission Taco Joint already has St. Louisians clamoring for their tasty tacos, bad ass burritos, and superb cocktail creations. My “must eat” picks? Try the roasted duck taco, the nopales taco, the “Three Little Piggies” burrito, and the wild mushroom huarache. Oh, and don’t forget to wet your whistle with a Piscojito, the best cocktail I’ve had cross my lips in a while!

Biscotti and Ice Cream

{4} Back to the blogosphere … how about some beautiful, delicious sounding treats to tempt your sweet tooth? Perhaps this clementine biscotti with pomegranate syrup from Honest Cooking or this Mexican ice cream from From My Sweet Heart? Yes, they both fit the bill.

Lollipop Trees

{5} Lollipop trees. If only such a thing existed in real life, right? Well, they do … in the form of this lollipop tree picture from World Market that’s now hanging over my bed. I love this picture.

Anson Mills Popcorn

{6} Popcorn. Specifically this “Appalachian Heirloom Sweet Flint Popping Corn” from Anson Mills. The description made me buy it … and I’m so glad I did. Is it strange to crush on popcorn? Not if you’re a popcorn lover like me. This truly is the best popcorn I’ve ever tasted.

Bouchon Bakery "Nutter Butters"

{7} And last, but most certainly not least, I’m crushing on these homemade “Nutter Butter” sandwich cookies that The Chef recently made. Looks absolutely divine, right? They were. Want the recipe? Then pick up the Bouchon Bakery cookbook. You’ll thank me for it.

Until next month’s crush …


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  • familystyle food

    Kimberly, thanks so very much for featuring my posts…I admire your style too :)
    I see that we have the same taste in crushes – esp. love that Anthro video and hadn’t seen it before. I’m a huge sucker for that store, usually the only reason I’m ever in a mall!

    • Kimberly

      Aww, thanks, Karen … that means a lot coming from one of my blog idols! And yes, usually the only reason you’ll find me in a mall is for Anthropologie too!

  • Anne B

    Hi Kimberly and what a surprise to see my ice cream featured here! How lovely of you and I thank you so much! Everything you’ve featured looks so good! You’ve really inspired me to do something similar on my blog. I hope you don’t mind. And how much do you LOVE Anthropologie?! There is one right next door to my office….dangerous! But their little kitchen section has some really nice stuff! I’ve been poking around and I really love your blog. I think I’m going to be coming back often! : )

    • Kimberly

      I don’t mind at all … we should all spread the blog love around! And I truly adore your Mexican ice cream … and everything else on your blog! You have a new fan in me!

  • Kristy Gardner

    okay dude.

    first off, my life has been insane lately and as much as i wanna look at pretty blogs and do shit and interact – i haven’t had time. so i was super pumped when i opened my browser and your blog was at the very top of my bloglovin feed.

    second, those little doughnuts are AMAZEBALLS. had a friggin heart attack when i saw them.

    third, you just about put me over the top with that video. in love. with all of it.

    i miss you. xoxoxo!

    • Kimberly

      Yay, Kristy … so good to hear from you! Hope all is well in your neck of the world! And those doughnuts … I know, right? I want them right now! Along with everything at Anthropologie too ; )

  • kitchenriffs

    Great assortment of stuff! Lots to explore – thanks!

    • Kimberly

      Thanks for stopping by!


    sharing is caring, I love the video.

    • Kimberly