A New Look + ZipList!

Hello, my dear Rhubarb and Honey readers!

Notice anything different?

Yes, Rhubarb and Honey got a makeover!

While I loved the previous look of the site, I’ve always longed for something a bit brighter … and this is it!

So, whatcha think? Leave me your thoughts in the comments … and don’t worry … I can take it!

In other Rhubarb and Honey news, I’ve partnered with Ziplist!


ZipList aims to make grocery shopping quick and simple for everyone so they created all the tools you need to effortlessly organize this weekly chore and put them all in one place.

Plan Weekly Shopping Needs:

Search & save recipes from 1000’s of popular food websites, and with one click, save the recipe to your universal recipe box, and then add the ingredients directly to your grocery list. Quickly sort favorite recipes by source, ingredients, or cook time. Add recipes to your meal planner queue or plan them for a specific day to stay organized.

Organize Grocery Trips:

No matter if you are a “sit down and plan” or an “add as you go” type of person, ZipList’s “everywhere” shopping list ensures you grab exactly what you need at the grocery store. You can even share your weekly shopping list with family and friends so they can help you shop as you move through the store.

Get Going with ZipList’s Free Mobile Apps:

Got an iPhone or an Android? Perfect. ZipList has you covered with free mobile apps. You can scan and add items to your list with their mobile apps to ensure you pick up the right product every time. Just connect your online account to your mobile app. Your grocery list and recipe box automatically sync across devices and online anytime you make a change, so you are always up-to-date.

Sounds pretty amazing, right? It is! And best of all, ZipList is free so sign up today!

Once you’ve signed up for ZipList, head back here to Rhubarb and Honey to check out the new recipes I’ll be posting soon … they’re all formatted to work with ZipList so you can easily add my recipes to your ZipList recipe box! Oh, you’ll also be able to easily print all my recipes too … see you soon!

ZipList Preview

Here’s a peek at my new recipe format!


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  • Stef

    Congrats on the redesign! Looks great!!

    • http://rhubarbandhoney.com/ Kimberly

      Thanks, Stef!