In Our Grocery Bag: Week 7

Hello, my Rhubarb and Honey lovelies!

Now that The Chef and my’s much needed beach vacation in Gulf Shores is (sadly) long over, we’re fully back in the swing of things … which means another installment of, “What’s In Our CSA Share!”


This week’s grocery bag from Mac’s Local Buys was literally overflowing with a veritable rainbow of beautiful produce from our favorite veggie growers, Three Rivers Community Farm (Elsah, IL).

Are you ready for this?

Mac's Local Buys Grocery Bag Week 7

We got five pounds of tomatoes (including red slicing tomatoes and a variety of heirlooms as well), cucumbers, zucchini, summer squash, garlic, small red onions, hot peppers, multi-colored beets, two heads of lettuce, radishes, and a watermelon! Seriously, produce galore!

Be on the lookout for some unique tomato recipes coming to this little blog in the next few weeks … and I think I’m going to put my pickling skills to good use this weekend as well!

Also in our share? A pound of grass-fed ground beef from Rain Crow Ranch (Doniphan, MO) and a dozen eggs from Oak Ridge Farm (Hillsboro, MO). Hmm … grass-fed burgers topped with a fried egg? Sounds perfect to me! And I think there’s a veggie frittata in our future as well … made with our PRODUCE GALORE!

Mac's Local Buys Grocery Bag Week 7

Rounding out this week’s grocery bag were a number of Italian delights, including 1 pound of fresh rigatoni from Midwest Pasta, a quart of marinara sauce from Quincy Street Bistro, a pound of toasted ravioli from Nonna’s Homestyle Foods (St. Louis, MO), and a loaf of focaccia from Bread Head Baking … all from St. Louis!

The Chef and I added some ground Red Wattle pork to the marinara sauce for a quick bolognese, then added in the fresh pasta (and by fresh, I mean it was made the same day we got it!) … served with a huge chunk of perfectly-baked focaccia, it was a quick and delicious meal!

Oh, that marinara sauce? As I said, it was made by our friend, Rick Lewis, the executive chef at Quincy Street Bistro. If you’ve never been to Quincy Street before, you need to go now. Chef Rick is doing some amazing things there … and while anything you order will be good, I recommend the hog burger. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed!

Well, that’s it for this week … and now I’m off to the kitchen to get cooking!


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  • Kristy Gardner

    Look at that little golden beet! (they’re always my favourite).

    PS. I also want the loaf of focaccia. There’s seriously nothing better than fresh baked bread, local veggies and good company. Unless you add cheese. That makes it better.

    • Kimberly

      Oh, that focaccia … that beautiful, beautiful focaccia. Don’t tell anyone, but The Chef and I ate the whole loaf in two days!

      And yes, cheese ALWAYS makes it better!