Crispy Potato Chip Cookies

Crispy Potato Chip Cookies

“What a strange idea: “comfort food.” Isn’t every food comforting in its own way! Why are certain foods disqualified? Can’t fancy food be soothing in the same way as “granny food?” Must it always be about loaded memories, like Proust’s madeleine? Or can it be merely quirky, like M.F.K. Fisher’s tangerine ritual: she dried them {read more}

Roasted Zucchini and Yellow Squash Galette #SundaySupper

Roasted Zucchini and Squash Galette

Did you know that today is National Acorn Squash Day? I didn’t … but the good folks from the Sunday Supper Movement did so we’re celebrating it and all the squashes with a squash fest! Hee, hee, hee … I said squash fest. That’s funny. You know what’s not funny? Letting your CSA zucchini and {read more}

Savory Cheddar and Jalapeno Waffles #FoodieExtravaganza

Cheddar and Jalapeno Waffles

“We need to remember what’s important in life: friends, waffles, work. Or waffles, friends, work. Doesn’t matter, but work is third.” ~ Leslie Knope Ah, yes … never underestimate the importance of waffles. And that’s a good thing because September is National Waffle Month, and therefore, waffles are the theme for this month’s Foodie Extravaganza! {read more}

Pear, Banana, and Quinoa Muffins #TwelveLoaves

Pear, Banana, & Quinoa Muffins

I have a confession to make. I made these muffins as soon as I found out what this month’s Twelve Loaves theme was, but I’m just now getting around to writing this post. And I’m doing it under a cloudy fog of fever, cold medicine, and Mentholatum as I have a raging cold that’s stolen {read more}

Mostarda di Frutta #SundaySupper

Mostarda Di Frutta

I love to host dinner parties. Not only is it a great chance to catch up with friends and family while eating, drinking, and being merry, it also give me an excuse to put together my favorite “appetizer” of all-time … the antipasto platter. Overflowing with salty cured meats and olives, tangy and creamy cheeses, {read more}

Gluten-Free Chocolate Cranberry Granola Bars #RecipeReDux

Gluten-Free Chocolate Cranberry Granola Bars

I’m taking a poll. Do you bring your lunch to work? Since there are very few restaurants near my office (and even if there were, I rarely have time to run out for a bite to eat), the only other non-homemade lunch option is our work cafeteria … affectionately know as the “barf-a-teria.” Yeah … {read more}

Rhubarb Shortcake Cookies

Rhubarb Shortcake Cookies

Do you know how often I make cookies? As evidenced by the fact that there are only four cookie recipes on this blog, the answer is NOT NEARLY ENOUGH! Well, that’s all about to change, my friends, because (yep, you guessed it!) I’m participating in yet another monthly blog challenge, and this one is all {read more}

Fresh Peach Salsa #FoodieExtravaganza

Fresh Peach Salsa

“Life is better than death, I believe, if only because it is less boring, and because it has fresh peaches in it.” ~ Alice Walker Yes, my friends, life is much better because of fresh peaches. And that’s a good thing because fresh peaches are the theme for this month’s Foodie Extravaganza, yet another montly {read more}

Pesto Quick Bread #TwelveLoaves

Pesto Quick Bread

“Good bread is the most fundamentally satisfying of all foods; and good bread with fresh butter, the greatest of feasts.” ~ James Beard I love bread. I love bread so much that if it were a person, I would marry it. Okay, that’s a bit extreme, but I really do love bread … and that’s {read more}

Best Ever Steak Marinade for OXO’s #WhatAGrillWants

OXO #WhatAGrllWants

Thanks to OXO for sending me a complimentary set of summer grilling tools as part of their “What A Grill Wants” campaign. While I’m under no obligation to blog about these products, I’m doing so because I truly love OXO & their grilling tools! While some may argue that there’s no true “grilling season” because {read more}